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Les Octets Libres


French full stack web developers for your web platform project

Better than just a freelance, a team of web developers to realize your digital web platform

Just next door French developers work almost on the same time zone

Plurality of skills Team of severals developers means more capabilities

English speakers Some of us used to live abroad so we can speak English

We develop for you any web project: the whole platform from scratch or as team members to help you get faster where you want to be

We can help you define, develop and manage your web project and/or web platform, and we also support functional and technical specifications, validation, user support and maintenance in the long term.

Our team members are expert at web programming and database languages, as well as the agile methodology. They are able to handle a whole project : you give them the specifications of the project and they can develop on their own.

You can check on their progress at a daily or weekly scrum meeting.

You can rest assured that they will take good care of your project and therefore you can assign taks with confidence.

French developers are known for their seriousness and for the advantageous rates in comparison with other countries.

Want to know how much it will cost if we develop your web project ?

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